ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Swedish Armed Forces

Create a new brand identity for the Swedish Armed Forces (swed. Försvarsmakten)

The client shall perceive the new brand identity as strategic and innovative underlined by a relevant and cutting edge design.
* based on insights & needs
* unique and surprising

My Role:

Brand Strategy, Webconcept, Webdesign


Fredrik Holmberg, Kristina Herngren, Robbin Ingvarsson, Waldemar Wegelin, Simon Schlyter


During our fifth module at Hyper Island, called ‘Client Design, Strategy and Branding‘, we were asked to change the visual identity of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The core values of the SAF:
• Openness – coorperation, honesty, trust
• Results – create, deliver, be clear
• Responsibility – give, take, demand

Our main insights:
• The army is working in a new context
• The army will become the best employer in Sweden
• People have a low knowledge about the army

New strategy & positioning: The Swedish army is serving the greater good. It is a force in conflicts and for peace. As an employer it offers outstanding personal development possibilities.

Three key words for the new design:
• Challenge
• Personal development
• Diversity

The new logo has it’s roots in the old Försvarsmakten logo. We kept the shield and the crown to show the tradition and the history. We added the stairs for the personal development and the hand clasp for embracing a peaceful world.

Web concept:
The new website has a user generated menu. It changes depending on what people look for. Based on our strategy it is a challenging, diverse and exciting entry in the online world. With a mouse over, pictures related to the words are highlighted. The design and the pattern are adapted from the new brand identity.