ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Premier League

Fuelling fan passion for the World’s Premier League

To enrich the game by celebrating the passion of both fans and footballers in the digital world.

My Role:



Rasmus Frandsen, Toke Kristensen, Simona Schimanovich, Julia Belling, Karima Saad

Premier League

The Premier League stands for the best English football. The corporate Body organises, manages and promotes the Barclays Premier League on behalf of the top 20 Clubs in England.

They strive for excellence in providing leadership and support to ensure the League is the best run and most exciting domestic football competition in the World, both on and off the pitch.

Our challenge is to help deepen and broaden global fan engagement with the Premier League and live match experience either in stadia or across licensee media channels.

Visually more appealing player pages. With infographics we make the statistics easier and more fun to look at. If you like the old view... switch to the table.

Premier League has given up all media rights. But there is still a way of being part of a life game. We show the whole match digitally online.

The Fan League idea

We create a league table every Premier League Fan of the world can be part of it.

Whether you live next to Stamford Bridge or the Singapore Strait, The Premier League of Fans is your shot to become the officially sanctioned, globally recognized, number one football fan in the world.

Football fans love to share their love for their team and the game online. We’ll give them a new original way to do that and be internationally recognized for it.

Become the best fan in the world, win badges and get higher in the league. Show everyone your passion for the team.