ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

That's me

A sneaky look at my life and loves.

Favourite Places Visited


I love the flair of the city, the architecture with the overground steel construction through the city and the ‘Cloud Gate’ (the bean) where the skyline reflects....


Here again the flair and the architecture, even if totally different to Chicago. Love the very old buildings where every building has a story to tell.

Books I’m reading

‘Happiness, A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill’

by Matthieu Ricard. It helps me focusing on the important things in life. I helps me to relax.

‘I never knew that about London’

by Christopher Winn. I am not a big fan of history, but this book has a lot of very interesting facts about London, which you can’t read in travel guides.

Favourite Websites

for the design and animation

for the brilliant user experience

Favourite Illustrator

Oliver Jeffers.

I love the illustration of his children’s books. Especially ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ as a pop-up edition.

Closest friends (far away...)

Yasmin Quemard.

She inspires me even if she lives almost 17,000km away down under. Whenever we see each other, it’s like we’ve never been apart.

Nicole Mair.

She brings me back to the ground. She is one of the few really good friends I have left in Germany and she is not working in our business. She gives me another perspective of life. She grounds me.

Most loved in my home

A framed and signed print

by Oliver Jeffers. it shows page 31 of the book ‘Lost and Found’. And it reminds me every day how important good friends are.


It took me quite a while to find out what I am really good at. When I was at uni I realised that even if I like design, there are so many people out there who live design. They can’t stop drawing & sketching, they go every exhibition in town and they spend hours on the font size of a headline.

That’s definitely NOT me...

I started to feel bad about it and thought I am a bad designer. Now I know that there is no right or wrong in design and not at all in the things that inspire you. Many designers and creatives find their inspiration in things that are not directly related to their jobs or their skills. I found out that I am most inspired by people who have skills that I do not have. I observe them and their ways of doing things. Whether it is about answering a brief, leading a team or selling an idea to a client.

I went to Hyper Island to find my own way of being a good creative and designer...

I went to Hyper Island to find my own way of being a good creative and designer, to find inspiration. But it gave me something different. It was all about personal development and group development. And it gave me the important skill of self-reflection and learning from mistakes. So it is not about ‘not knowing something’. It is about ‘not being afraid of not knowing something’. It is about being fearless in throwing yourself out there and to take the challenge on. So in the end it comes down to ‘not being afraid to fail’. Failing is a very good opportunity to learn.

I do not fear a challenge

And I think it makes me the strong person I am. I do not fear a challenge. I see it as a chance for personal and professional development.

I am a problem solver

During the last year here in London I finally realised what I am really good at. I am a ‘problem solver’. I observe my environment carefully every day and whenever I see potential to make something better, I come up with new ways to do so. I took it for granted for a long time because I always felt that way and thought it was normal. Being German probably means that the desire for efficiency is in the genes ;) I hear that a lot from others...

It's a gift as well as a pain...

However, I realised it can be a gift as well as a pain. Not everyone is open for feedback, critics and change that might come with spotting a problem. But I decided for myself to see it as a gift that not many people have. It’s probably just about finding the right place to fully embrace it...