ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Le Laboureur

Traditional French workwear

Online, real time, one to one shopping experience. It’s a special service that can be used only by one person at a time. Opening hours 3 - 9 pm.

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Design


Tina Leuthe, Kenneth Larsen, Xavier Cusso, Thomas Björk


During our fourth module at Hyper Island, called ‘Advanced Interface Design‘, we were asked to introduce a French workwear brand to the Swedish market.

Everyone is individual and everyone likes to show that. Clothes themselves aren’t individual. Even if they are handmade, everyone can still buy them. For many people it’s not about fashion. It’s about their individual style. How can they feel individual in a world where everyone wears H&M? By mixing niche and mainstream brands.

Our customers are special. And we want them to feel special, that’s why we want to offer a special experience. We bring the real time one to one shopping experience to their computer. It’s a special service that can be used only by one person at a time.

The campaign starts with personal store opening invitations, send to a few selected people. With a special code they can be one of the first to enter the site. All good things need some time. That’s why there is a queue in front of it. No one knows how long it´s gonna take, but while queueing they can play a little game. When time is over, it's time to enter the shop.

Connection to social networks will help the user to create a shopping profile and to mark the area they live. Stickers to mark their neighbourhood offline and of course three exclusive invitations for special friends will help the user to spread the word.

“Hello and welcome to
Le Laboureur. Can I help you with something?” A very nice personal assistant welcomes the costumer and leads him through the site.

Suddenly “Le Laboureur” will give the user an unforgettable personal and unique online experience. That makes them feel individual and special. Shopping is all about the experience and the personal guidance. We will help revalue that experience. If you have any more questions – feel free to come back from Monday to Saturday, between 3 and 9 pm. Otherwise it´s closed.