ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Experience Ikea

IKEA becomes a media platform of global significance

Without moving so much as a pillow. Download the mobile app and start your journey trough the store.

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Showreel


Anna Lundqvist, Mari Bergström, Sveinung Skaalnes, Kilpatrick Bernard


During our third module at Hyper Island, called ‘Interactive User Experience‘, we had the chance to work for IKEA, one of the largest furniture stores in the world.

IKEA started in Sweden, which is still resembled in their design, efficiency and price. It’s a great company that receives a lot of love, and doesn't have many enemies. And it is exactly why they’re a difficult client. IKEA manages to deliver cheap furniture that is durable and well designed. It has branches across the globe. It pays a lot of attention to green energy, reusing old furniture and clean materials. It was not that easy to find a hole in their company they didn’t pay enough attention to.

We did a lot of research, and thought that it´s all about the instore experience.

IKEA embeds invisible bar codes into selected furniture.

The experience start´s with downloading a mobile application which allows the user to see more than only furniture.

Customers upload videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Additional Information around the products, videos of the designers, show cooking, navigation in the store and even political news can be placed in the store. This creates buzz around the world.