ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Methods, tools & experiences

How might I end up as good creative. By adding value to your agency.

Here are some methods, tools and experinces I learned at Hyper Island. That´s the way I work.

Understanding Group and Leadership (UGL)

Basic leadership within the Swedish Armed Forces for over 20 years

The UGL training has been utilized as a basic leadership training within the Swedish Armed Forces for over 20 years. The overall objective of the training is for you to become more effective in your role as a group member, leader and/or trainer. (

Teambuilding on Barnens Ö

For 2 days we learned how to work in teams and talked about expectations on the class and the facilitators, away from city life.


Once or twice a week people from agencies and the industry dropped by to talk about trends, insights and experiences

How to create ideas

Starting with the “Apple Experiment”. Draw an apple in as many different ways as possible.

The result is, that the first row on every sheet is the same and these apples are the obvious ones. The more you have to draw, the more innovative they get. That´s how ideas work too. An epiphany moment…

What is creativity ?

Which questions do we have about creativity? Everyone wrote a question down, if you had the answer - take it down.

Idea sessions

For idea sessions we needed and used a lot of post its. Everything is allowed. Thinking to the moon is requested. Quantity before quality.

Idea Development

In the next step the ideas were harvested to see which ones were useful and which ones were crap.

Building on others ideas, brainstorming and storytelling created the concept in the end.