ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director


Support the future racing stars today (it’s all about the drivers)

For autosport nuts that love to support the best racing action, GP2 provides spills, thrills and action involving the upcoming drivers, racing in nearly identical cars.

My Role:

Art Direction


Simon Gill, Rogier Beeftink, Samuel Viani


GP2 runs alongside F1 races at the same venues, is run by FOM and can factually demonstrate how many of the current F1 drivers raced in the series. The racing is exciting and very competitive, with the prize of racing in the premier motorsport competition.

In 2005 GP2 was introduced as a new motor racing formula, where drivers compete on equal terms and is supported by the Formula One Management. As a result it is touted as the best feeder series for Formula1. GP2 looks to prepare drives for their shot in the premier racing series, with similar cars, rules. For example GP2 events take place at F1 race circuits and on the same weekend, mirroring many of the aspects of F1, like no refueling, similar tyres and scrutineering. In addition the formula helps prepare drivers for the media demands of F1. Half of the current F1 grid got their chance after racing in GP2.

If F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, GP2 is the next step down, with GP3 being its younger, edgier brother. This attitude is reflected in the visual styles seen on the current sites, with GP2 feeling youthful, fresh and professional.

Starting off with two very different style boards, we tried to find out, what the client would like to see as the visual direction.

The decision felt on the second version, because of the straight lines, no round corners and the way of displaying pictures.

After sign-off of the wire frames, we designed the initial layout.

Final design of the home, the drivers overview and the track detail page.