ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

Compare Anything

A Facebook app to compare social buzz

There’s no end of things to compare in this world of ours – but it’s not always easy to work out what gets people most excited.

Not any more. We’re used to weighing things up at, so now you can use this clever little tool to compare anything you want.

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Art Director


Niklas Wallberg, Annmarie Kiddle, Jade Goldsmith, Aaron Faber

Compare Anything

Come and play with the social comparison tool that empowers people to make the best possible choices

The comparison marketplace is a highly competitive personality advertising driven sector with little real differentiation around the actual comparison experience or benefits. Add to this Google’s recent buy into this space with the pledge to make this simpler and more transparent, it has become more imperative that CTM must further differentiate their experience not only to prosper but to survive in the longer-term.

We can achieve this by starting to bring to life CTM’s brand vision: to transform the concept of comparison.

But how?
Well in the way that Google is the Supertool for Search and iTunes is the Supertool for Digital Music, we will innovate and develop CTM as the Supertool for Comparison. Overtime this will exist in many ways across multiple platforms, so it is greater than the sum of its parts.

The first step, and the focus of this brief, is to take advantage of Facebook’s capabilities and our existing fan base to develop a multi-platform application (web/mobile/tablet) that invites and empowers people to compare and make the best possible personally relevant choices.

The idea

While Compare the Market makes its money helping people to compare insurance, the truth is it simply loves comparing things.

Compare the Market’s app for Facebook lets people compare anything they want. Cars, videogame consoles, football teams – whatever interests them!

Compare Anything lives on it’s own page in the existing CTM Facebook area, utilising the existing 750,000 fanbase, with the potential to extend out to the fans friends of friends.

It compares the social popularity of anything – motivating people to interact with and share it.

When Facebook users Compare Anything their comparison is automatically added to the friends comparison board.

Seeing what your friends and others compared will encourage use and sharing.

A brand awareness tool which starts to position Comparethemarket as owning the concept of comparison

And which encourages users to interact and spread the word

…And all in 28 working days!

How it works

The app allows the user to enter any two terms into a ‘buzz-off’, comparing the social chatter and excitement around any two terms to work out what causes the most excitement online


A user adds the app to their profile and decides on their contenders. They can compare anything. Let’s say:

Manchester United vs Manchester City

Once the terms have been submitted, the buzz-off begins! The app checks a variety of sources to determine the amount of social chatter around each term, using multiple APIs from popular web services to determine the one that has most people chatting.

Which one gets people most excited? We’ll see in a mo.


Once the app’s finished sourcing and analysing the appropriate data, a results page is shown. The main message is:

Manchester United beats Manchester City

There’s also an area dedicated to the various stats the comparison has thrown up, presented in an interesting infographic style.

The icon cloud showcases the results. The bigger the icon, the more hits in this channel.

Facebook Exposure

Each time the app is used, it publishes a story to the user’s Facebook wall. This story would appear within the newsfeeds of the user’s friends on Facebook and wherever else the wall is shared (eg. Yahoo! webmail).

Rebecca just entered Manchester United and Manchester City into Compare Anything! Which one comes top on the web? See who’s the boss...