ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director


The problem with the 'Middle Man'...

With a small budget Betfair is looking for a social media idea to take the negativity off betting.

My Role:

Idea, Concept


Yasmin Quemard

Experience Ikea

IKEA becomes a media platform of global significance

Without moving so much as a pillow. Download the mobile app and start your journey trough the store.
(HYPER ISLAND project)

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Showreel


Anna Lundqvist, Mari Bergström, Sveinung Skaalnes, Kilpatrick Bernard

Le leaboureur

Traditional French workwear

Online, real time, one to one shopping experience. It’s a special service that can be used only by one person at a time. Opening hours 3 - 9 pm. (HYPER ISLAND project)

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Layout


Tina Leuthe, Kenneth Larsen, Xavier Cusso, Thomas Björk

Swedish Armed Forces

New brand identity for the Swedish Armed Forces (swed. Försvarsmakten)

The client shall perceive the new brand identity as strategic and innovative underlined by a relevant and cutting edge design. (HYPER ISLAND project)
* based on insights & needs
* unique and surprising

My Role:

Brand Strategy, web concept, web design


Fredrik Holmberg, Kristina Herngren, Robbin Ingvarsson, Waldemar Wegelin, Simon Schlyter

Hide & Seek for Lipton

Campaign, that simply wasn't possible five years ago.

A high-tech game of hide and seek played world wide on Google Street View. (HYPER ISLAND project)

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Design


Kilpatrick Bernard, Iain Phillips