ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director


The problem with the 'Middle Man'...

With a small budget Betfair is looking for a social media idea to take the negativity of betting.

My Role:

Idea, Concept


Yasmin Quemard


Due to the banning of betting advertisements, the companies like Betfair struggle with awareness. The brief was to create a social media idea that has the focus on playing, rather than betting. The USP of Betfair is that they are NOT working with a ‘Middle Man’ like all competitors do.

We came up with 4 ideas...

The Big Bet

Betfair places a bet on an outcome to happen in Facebook. This in effect gives us an opportunity to demonstrate how our product works within social media.

Betfair bets 100,000 people will change their profile pic to Rooney by 31 October

When someone changes their profile pic they become a fan of Betfair and part of the Big Bet. This presents us with an opportunity to direct message these new fans with our introductory offer of a £25 bet.

If the mission is complete, then Betfair offers up a % of its winnings to those who took part. People can increase their % of the winnings by getting friends to change their profile pic.

Fans who took part can either cash in their winnings, or use it to continue betting. It is important to note that any betting taking place occurs outside of the social media realm and within

The Friday Flutter

Betfair creates a mini ritual to break up an otherwise work-focused week. It becomes a pattern of behaviour we hope our audience will continue well after the campaign.

We’ll achieve this by posing humorous and entertaining scenarios on our bespoke YouTube channel. On Friday morning we’ll let people know what they’re betting against at 4.30pm.  

People can bet through Facebook and Twitter (using hashtags) – along with suggesting future ‘betting battles’.  

These ‘betting battles’ will appeal to our target audience. We’ll initially use footage already out there – however we have the view of creating battles that will become viral and build on awareness. Some of these could be:  

Which Page 3 model can change a tyre the fastest? Which dwarf can eat the most hot dogs? Which female bodybuilder can pull a truck over the finishing line? Which OAP will bungee jump?  

During the course of the ‘live’ battles bets can still take place. This will help to highlight the ‘betting in-play’ USP of Betfair. In addition, we’ll also discuss the benefits of betting directly with your friends – without the need to involve a middle man.

The Middle Man

Why threesomes never work out

We adopt a playful demonstration to highlight how complicated things get when you involve a middle man.

How do we do this?
We invite you to set your mate up in a pretend threesome. Will your mate fall for it?  Why not make a bet on it and get your mates on the act too?  

The set-up
You get to choose a middle man to lure your mate in – this could be a gorgeous blonde, Spanish senorita…

This tempting middle man looks to seduce your mate with in an introduction on Twitter or Facebook along the lines of:

“You make a sweet couple. So would you be interested in the 3 of us?”

If your mate adds the middleman as a friend or decides to follow on Twitter, then the game is up. And everybody wins! The payoff is revealed:

“Nothing good comes of the middle man. When it’s just the two of us it’s easier to make it worth your while”

Social Trumps

We ramp up the healthy competition that exists between your mates by creating customisable and dynamic trump cards that exist in the social media realm.

A trump card is your social status badge. Just how powerful are you in the virtual social world?  

How popular are you?
Number of friends in Facebook

How edgy are you?
Number of ‘edgy’ tracks you play on Spotify

How clever are you?
Number of bets you’ve won on Betfair

How fast you are?
Your current stats on Xbox LIVE

We also encourage you to create your own categories that apply to your social circles – along with inviting you to post your card on your blog, Facebook profile and gaming sites. Although these trump cards can also live on a microsite.

As you battle it out amongst your friends, your Facebook feed can reflect your victory or defeat. In addition you’ll also see your scores change.

Special Betfair offers could be unlocked depending on certain strengths achieved.