ANKE M BUCHTA - Interactive/Digital Art Director

LBi London

Selected projects from my job as Interactive Art Director at LBi in London.

Work at LBi has involved leading art direction across numerous projects with well-known clients such as BT, e.ON, RBS and the Premier League. I've also had the chance to dive deep into User Experience, working with colleagues in one of the largest UX departments in Europe. Blending departments is one of the top priorities within projects, so I have gained a lot of experience of the UX world. My latest projects involved the creation of apps for mobile devices. Creating apps that achieve a consistent feel and experience across all smart phones and tablets is a challenge. However, I find the full end-to-end process from research, through creating user journeys and user testing, to the final product existing in the app store, to be quite exciting.

Compare Anything

a Facebook app to compare social buzz

There’s no end of things to compare in this world of ours – but it’s not always easy to work out what gets people most excited.

Not any more. We’re used to weighing things up at, so now you can use this clever little tool to compare anything you want.

My Role:

Idea, Concept, Art Director


Niklas Wallberg, Annmarie Kiddle, Jade Goldsmith, Aaron Faber

Premier League

Fuelling fan passion for the World’s Premier League/p>

To enrich the game by celebrating the passion of both fans and footballers in the digital world.

My Role:



Rasmus Frandsen, Toke Kristensen, Simona Schimanovich, Julia Belling, Karima Saad


Support the future racing stars today

(it’s all about the drivers)

For autosport nuts that love to support the best racing action, GP2 provides spills, thrills and action involving the upcoming drivers, racing in nearly identical cars.

My Role:

Art Direction


Simon Gill, Rogier Beeftink, Samuel Viani

Plan.Net (Serviceplan) Munich

Selected projects from my job as Interactive Art Director at Plan.Net (Serviceplan) in Munich.

As Interactive Art Director I had the creative lead for 3 key accounts and I was the mentor for a trainee and a producer. Together with a text partner I created concepts for various online appearances. My last and biggest project was an interactive, real-time treasure hunt.

Marco Polo and the Tarahumaras Treasure

Guide Marco around the world to find the treasure of the Tarahumaras.


Break with info material and catapult Marco Polo Adventure Journeys beyond the competition. Target: 1,000 contacts with travel agency employees (early 20s, 100% female, working all day in front of their pc)

Strategy & Creative Solution:

An online adventure that entices players into a real-time race to find the Tarahumaras Treasure together with our sexy hero Marco Polo. Via video and messenger, Marco asks the players for help to find the best travel routes. Each time he reaches a predefined checkpoint, he notifies of his progress with a situation report and requests further help.


The response was enormous. The number of contacts exceed three times those hoped for and are growing daily. In addition, Marco counts numerous friends in various social communities – and even receives regular fan correspondence…

My role:

Idea, Concept, Art Direction, Design, Showreel

Dare to touch

Fromms condoms are more durable than all it’s competitors...


Contraception is always a matter of trust. This prompted Fromms Mapa to demonstrate their condom’s reliability – with a banner entirely made of latex. Wherever the user manoeuvres the pointer within the ad, it is shown both extremely elastic and tearproof. And since Fromms Condoms are more durable than all its competitors, the banner stretches to keep the pointer aka the spermatozoon inside. This experience mirrors the implied reassurance the product provides, thereby serving as a reminder: Fromms stands for quality since 1919.

My role:

Idea, Concept

Make the city rock!

Imagine waiting for your luggage...


On a wall behind the luggage carousel a BMW xDrive is projected, using the distance measurement from the ceiling, when an obstacle moves past on the carousel, the xDrive drives over it.

My role:


Loveletter Generator

Creamy, sexy and lovely video mails...


The brief was a classical loveletter-generator with different skins to chose.

Strategy + creative solution:

On the side of the condom manufacturer Lifestyles able user virtual greetings send with erotic appeal. The greetings are video messages with a woman or a man to see. The protagonists slowly pull down a shirt, so that the naked body is visible. On this you can see virtually greetings placed with whipped cream.


Automatic creation of an “individual” love letter for specific details of the user - eg about choices, input fields and data query. Predefined text blocks are useful according to the information linked with each other.

My role:

Idea, Concept, Design